How to send unlimited free SMS using free SMS center no hack
1.Navigate to Messages option on your mobile and click on Settings

2.Click on Message Center Number and proceed to add a new message center number.

3.In Message Center Name field, write anything. For an example, “Solid Blogger”.

4.In the Message Center Number field, write +919810051905

5.Choose Preferred Connection Type as Packet Data

6.Save the message center and activate it from the options.

Now we have configured the message settings to send and receive all message through an another message center number. But since we have selected Packet data as connection type, we have to do some additional settings on our phone.

1.Go to your phone menu and navigate to Settings >> Phone Settings >> Connection >> Packet Data

2.In the settings of packet Data, edit the following options

3.Packet Data Connection >> When available and Access Point >> Airtel Live

4>Save all settings and you are done.

Note : Here we are using a CDMA message center number to send free messages from Airtel mobile. Since CDMA networks don’t support 91 as the country code, you have to add 0 before every number. This is very important and if you make mistake here, this trick will not work.

Example : Suppose you want to send free messages to 9861098610, now while composing the SMS, type this number as 09861098610 in stead of 919861098610 or +919861098610.

enjoy Hacking(ankush)...

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  1. Dilip Mall Says:

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  2. rng Says:

    Ypu can sent sms messages to Brazil ?

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